The New Server: Hub!

The New Server: Hub!

Hello Guys, as many of you know we have recently created a new Hub which is one of our biggest decisions yet, and it has turned out to be pretty successful! All servers are now connected and joinable via Hub through the portal. But don’t get me wrong, Hub is quite a nice place to hang out in! We have an open 1v1 place which can be arranged by a simple press of a sign, and it’s great just to warm up and test your skills, before entering any of our servers! Don’t tend to think because there are no people on the Hub people aren’t on PvP, Hacked etc, because there are normally! We would like to say a big thank you for the donations and support we have been receiving recently and we do appreciate it, helps the server to live longer. Hub is a well-built server the Build team took ages to scale but it was definitely worth it, because it looks great! Do check out around it for anything cool.

Anyway this is another step to our 5 online server goal, and we are releasing another new server really soon, so stay tuned for that!


Ameg (:



How to apply?

Do you want to help us on the server? We have a staff application for you here.

Complete it in full, we add staff when its necessary. New staff will be added at the 1st of each month.

Here are the requirements for staff:

1) Be mature
2) Must be able to commit 20 hours per week
3) Must be active
4) Have donated to the server. ( Diamond Rank min)
5) Willingness to help in all aspects of the server.


Polly 🙂

IP: PvP.U-PvP.Com And Annoucements!

Announcements V1:

Hey Guys, Meggy here with the second announcements ever! If you haven’t checked the first announcements yet, what are you waiting for? For all of you who don’t know the routine, I normally do an article every 1-3 weeks depending on how much has been going on. Our new Hack server has released this weekend, so what are you waiting for? Check it out! I have also done an article in that to (^: so check that out for further details! Anyway we are undergoing the current process of making other servers so stay here for more information in the future! We also have a couple of new staff, so be sure to welcome Helpful Wolf as well as Avi! In case you were all wondering, here are their IGNs;
“WolfHelpful” and “ITZaviYT”, any other staff IGNs will be available in my next article soon (: Just in case, if you ever see me on the server, my IGN is “pvped” so be sure to pop in to say a quick ‘Hello’.. New plans for a member Slack releasing soon! Be ready for that guys; Thank you for keeping up with the new information, factions, Parkour and more coming soon. Stay tuned to our Slack or Instagram. Have a good day!

Announcements V2:
Hey guys, Meggy here with announcements V3! ; lots had happened over a period of a week or two, but I will try my best to explain as best as I can. First of all, a few of our Staff members have appeared to have left, so be sure to fare a goodbye to them! Nevertheless, we have recently received a few donations and right now and that’s great, and with that money we have doubled the speed of our servers, so be sure to tell us on our Discord server what you think! With all the donations we get we guarantee up to 90% of it goes towards the wellbeing of the server and for it to stay alive, so thank you so much for that! Also, we have recently been growing in size, which is also a good sign for us, as well as lots of you guys have recently been saying that the Hack server has not been released yet, and I and the Staff team have been trying our best, so please be patient. Furthermore, lots of us know a new Hub server is coming out very soon, so be sure to get ready for that; for all of you who do not know what the new hub server is, it is the basic idea of where you can join any server U-PvP linked Via the hub, to make you and our players lives easier, as we are aiming for the goal of 10 servers! Also, we need everyones, yes, that includes you, to vote, so what are you waiting for? Go vote now <3 Stay tuned to our Slack or Instagram. Have a good day!

To contact me or other members:


Instagram: upvp_server


Slack: Contact owner through Discord




Goals and Updates !

Server Goal:
Hey Guys, Ameg here and just wanted to talk a bit about the upcoming servers. Firstly just wanted to say we are currently attempting the goal of achieving 30 online, open servers for the community to play on and we need your help for that. Now you must be really wondering, why on earth would we need 30 servers online? Well, to answer your question, this is to become a feature server. Now, you must be wondering more, what could a ‘feature server’ possibly be? Well, it’s where a website will advertise or promote your server due to either its players, popularity or numbers of servers online. We currently have one main server, which is (usual port), and a few other servers such as (whitelisted at the time of this article) and other ideas which are for building purposes. Apart from that, Thank you for keeping up with the new information, factions, Parkour and more coming soon. Stay tuned to our Slack or Instagram. Have a good day!

To contact me or other members:


Instagram: upvp_server


Slack: Contact owner through Discord


Server Updates:

Hello guys, we are currently in the process of reaching the goal of ultimately becoming a featured server, and that can only be achieved by your co-operation and help. Yes, YOU! To ultimately become a server, we firstly have to hit the ultimate goal of having 30 active servers online, and that can be helped by donations and so forth. And you must be wondering, how else do I actually help the server grow without donation? We know that it is hard, but with a growing community, people will eventually donate, and we need people who have even gotten this far in the article to tell your friends about this server. It can be anything from just a friendly conversation mentioning the server to checking it out with your friends. Don’t have Minecraft PE and still want to play? Well, were launching a new Minecraft PC server which under construction at this moment. Nevertheless, we are trying our hardest, and best of all, yes, it does support 1.8! We know the growing concern in Minecraft PC PvPers about the old hitting mechanisms and how the new editions may not be as great, so we are now playable on 1.8.

Anything else we have achieved? Well, Polly, Me, and the rest of the community/staff team are proud to say we are now on the top 20 servers! Thankyou so much guys! You can vote in the following places too:


For donations, be sure to visit!

Well, that’s it for now folks. Thank you for keeping up with the new information, factions, Parkour and more coming soon. Stay tuned to our Slack or Instagram. Have a good day!

The New Ranks: What are they?

New Ranks:

What are they exactly? Well that’s what I am here for (:

Hey Guys, Meggy here just introducing to new ranks to you all, amazing set up by Polly and the team recently. Before I list all the ranks and prices, what do the ranks do etc.? This article is based to answer all of your questions on the recently made. So the most FAQs are:

Are the ranks a good price?

Well if you think of the average server rank, we in fact consider the prices because we consider the normal average person wanting to spend anywhere from just as low as a few dollars to even as low as 30, our most expensive rank, Storm Blade, purchasable on ( Buycraft ). Now, I will list all the ranks available:



2.00 USD


4.00 USD


6.00 USD


10.00 USD


15.00 USD


20.00 USD


25.00 USD

Storm Blade

30.00 USD

As you can see, each rank has different capabilities.

Are the ranks worth it? :

Well considering I have to talk in various perspectives throughout this article rather than my opinion, I highly suggest that each rank is unique, and the higher the rank, the ranks below you can get. Well I sometimes consider Diamond as being an amazing rank for full Diamond armour, while all the ranks above include speed and other potion effects. So if I had to buy a rank? I would buy Excalibur, although Storm Blade is as cool as it sounds. Honestly, it is up to your choice, my favourite kit? I don’t have one. The obvious pick would be storm blade, although other kits do have cool effects. The ranks were made to the average person / family and we emphasise that here on U-PvP.

What are the ranks made of? :

Rather than explaining every rank in detail and making poor Meggys life easier, I’ll tell you a bit about the ranks, which some are pretty self-explanatory. All ranks up to Diamond consist of the armours of the name, example Iron is full iron armour etc. The ranks above that consist of potion effects all well as all the ranks kits below. My personal favourite is Excalibur, great price and a lot of speed! More information can be found on the website.

Well, that’s it for now folks. Thank you for keeping up with the new article, stay tuned to our Slack or Instagram. Have a good day!

Hello Minecrafters!!

Welcome to the U-PvP Network. 

Thank you for your interest in our MCPE servers.

Hello and welcome to the server for you, called U-PvP! Im a Admin named
Ameg and I will guide you through the reasons in which why you should
join OUR server. Yes, it is everyones server. We stress a family free
environment where it is safe for everyone to play while we grow day by
day. We still are working on our server, and you can always come online!
All details of the server will fully be provided down below. We have
lots to offer you with a factions aswell as a massive well built kit map
style PvP arena. As you explore you will find more and more Parkours,
secret areas and much more. Our experienced staff all come from
prominent places teamed up to create U-PvP. We are trying to achieve our
dream of becoming the server for everyone, and the only people who can
help are YOU. Yes you reader. We want you to join our server today and
truly experience PvP. Our owner has been Staff of high ranks on servers
everyone here knows. More information will be provided
soon on He is truly distinguished and the best owner out